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Wells Fargo and its three different kinds of banking options for students

Well Fargo is one of the most popular and well known banks in the United States of America, whose headquarter is located in San Francisco.  According to the latest stats it is the second largest bank on the basis of the market capitalization in the whole world and third in the U.S. on the basis of the total asset value. In this article we will discuss about the products of the Wells Fargo bank and what benefits you can avail if you have a Wells Fargo account.

First of all, Wells Fargo offers three different types of banking services, personal, commercial and small business. Under the personal banking you can avail services like loans and credits, insurance and retirement programs, wealth management and several rewards as well. Moreover, you can avail a checking account if you want to do regular banking and checking on your accounts. Apart from these, Wells Fargo offers two different types of saving account which come with different features and known as the way2save savings plan and platinum savings plan. By opening a savings account, you can avail highest savings rates and can transfer money with maximum securities. Here you can also avail CD savings which assure guaranteed return after the period, even if the market is down. There are different CD plans which depend on the total time of term deposits and minimum opening deposit amount. Apart from opening a savings account, you avail home mortgage loan, equity loan, student loan from Wells Fargo.

The list doesn’t end here as Wells Fargo also offers homeowners insurance, renters insurance, auto insurance, etc. under the personal banking. If you are retiring soon, then there are several retirement plans available on for you. For more details about the retirement plans all you have to do is to visit the bank website by Wells Fargo login using your banking username and password. There is an also wealth management plan available for the bank customers and if you want to avail it, then the bank officers will help you in every step for wealth services and solutions. Last but not the least, under personal banking you can have a Wells Fargo credit card which will help you do online shopping, booking, monitoring your account, keeping your account safe from unauthorized access and also improve your credit history.

Now under the small business banking, Wells Fargo offers real estate financing, healthcare practice financing, online and mobile banking, business credit and debit cards, easy bill payment and financial management software in order to judge your current business conditions. Moreover, you can avail several payroll services and liability programs and can set up your future business strategy under the guidance of Wells Fargo. Now for the commercial banking you have to sign up for your account at the bank website and then you avail services like commercial financing, insurance, real estate, industrial investment, banking, market risk management, etc. Now under this section, you can also get expert reviews from the industry, industrial reports, interest rate repos, annual economic outlook, etc. So, the bottom line is that if you open an account in the Wells Fargo, then you will get the rare chance to avail all kind of banking services and economic reviews under the same platform and also on the web by using bank app.

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